Honors Theses


Lin Hou, "The Triangle of Sustainability: A competitive study of contemporary sistainabile architecture in Beijing and Pittsburgh" advisor Mrinalini Rajagopalan

Max Stefan Poost, "The Nine Mile Run Watershed: Tracing the Elements of Ecological Design" advisor Drew Armstrong


Paige Anderson, "The Design of Dissent: Protest and Urban Space in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement" advisor Mrinalini Rajagopalan

Michael Guttilla, "Big Ideals/BIG Ideas: The Emerging Architectual Epoch as Seen in the Hill" advisor Drew Armstrong

Summer Liu, "Keep Calm and Carry On Gentrifying: Architecture's Role in Shaping the Future Shortage" advisor Mrinalini Rajagopalan

Blair Wegescheide, "The World Trade Center Site: A Spectrum of Function and Emotion" advisor Gretchen Bender


Chris Hazel, "Re-Thinking Architecture: A Call for a New Social Space," advisor Drew Armstrong

Grace Meloy, "Circulation, Access, and Tourist Exerience:  Berlin's Center and Periphery as Case Study," advisor Gretchen Bender

Julia Warren, "The Nature of the High Line:  A Jacobsian Perspective on New York's 'Park in the Sky'," advisor Mrinalini Rajagopalan


Lauren Bucher, “Bar Architecture: Design of the Third Place,” advisor Gretchen Bender

Chong Hu, “The Return of Traditional Elements in Chinese Architecture  during the Economic Upswing of the Early 21st Century,” advisor Katheryn M. Linduff

Eric Kobal, “The Spirit of a Landscape: Designing North and South Park in the Interwar Period,” advisor Mrinalini Rajagopalan

Maeve Sattler, “Early Twentieth-Century Social Housing Design in Vienna and London,” advisor Drew Armstrong


Alexander Cornhill, “Hybridity in the Nineteenth Century: The French Romantic Pensionnaires,” advisor Drew Armstrong

Cassandra Jurgens, “Habitus and Performativity at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center,” advisor Gretchen Bender

Lee Riccetti, “Themeparking in Singapore’s Chinatown,” advisor Mina Rajagopalan


Seth Bartlett, “Tiber Creek: Washington D.C.'s Unrelenting Piece of History,” advisor Kirk Savage

Jennifer Houseman,
“The Allure of the Garden Theatre: Its Existence as a Northside Institution,” advisor Gretchen Bender


Christine Carpenter, "I.M. Pei's National Gallery of Art," advisor Gretchen Bender

Alexander Dixon, "The New Castles of Postdamer Platz," advisor Gretchen Bender


Emma Waterloo, "A Rise of the Architectural Drawing: A Journey in Devlopment," advisor Frank Toker


Field Trips


Vienna IFTA

Vienna IFTA