AIAS Pittsburgh

(American Institute of Architecture Students)

AIAS Pittsburgh is a local chapter of the nationally organized, student-run American Institute of Architecture Students.  This chapter was established at Pitt to create a better relationship between students and professionals in the area, as well as create a social network among students who are interested in architecture and design.  In the past we have hosted design charrettes, taken trips, spoken to visiting professionals, in addition to seeing a number of exhibits and speakers in Pittsburgh.

All interested students should contact AIAS Pittsburgh at

Design Charette

AIAS Pittsburgh held the "Cardboard Chair Charrette" in January 2009, challenging students to design a chair made entirely of recycled corrugated cardboard and without glue or fasteners.  Three groups were asked to design a chair based on a first name chosen randomly from a list - resulting in a "Vince", an "Eleanor", and a "Whitney" chair.  With only five hours to work the charrette was a flurry of creative activity and it yielded some impressive results!  Thanks to all students who participated.

        Whitney Chair           Vince Chair

        "Whitney" Chair                                                "Vince" Chair


Field Trips


Vienna IFTA

Vienna IFTA