Major Requirements

Preservation Track - Related Area

History of Urban America



HIST 1665

History of the American City

Any one course from group A


Social History of African Americans in Pittsburgh


History of Black Pittsburgh

HAA 0510

Pittsburgh Architecture/Urbanism

HAA 1510

Pittsburgh Architecture/Urbanism

HAA 1512

American Public Sculpture

HIST 1668

History of Pittsburgh

Any two courses from group B


19th-c. African American History

ANTH 1350

African American Culture and Society

ANTH 1789

African American Folk Culture

ECON 1010

American Economic History cross-listed as HIST 1645

HIST 0600

United States to 1877

HIST 0601

United States 1865-present

HIST 0670

Afro-American History 1

HIST 0671

Afro-American History 2

HIST 1610

United States Colonial History

HIST 1612

United States 1789-1840

HIST 1619

United States since 1945

HIST 1621

History of the South in the 1880s

HIST 1622

Immigration and American Diversity

HIST 1625

History of the American Frontier

HIST 1635

United States Immigration History

HIST 1646

Economic and Business History of the United States

HIST 1655

American Workers 19th Century

HIST 1656

American Workers 20th Century

HIST 1677

Jews in the United States

HIST 1685

U.S. Popular Culture

Field Trips


Vienna IFTA

Vienna IFTA