For Current + Incoming Students

The programs in Architectural Studies at Pitt are part of an undergraduate degree in the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, which must total a minimum of 120 credit hours of coursework -- usually 15 credits per term over four years.

Requirements for Degrees in Architectural Studies

Students who declare Architectural Studies as their major can choose to complete one of two degrees: (1) a 54-credit Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Architectural Studies , or, (2) a 72-credit Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Architecture. Students who begin the B.A. degree can seamlessly shift into the B.S. degree. Students in either degree program can also seamlessly integrate coursework from any department in the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences into their studies.

In addition, the Architectural Studies program offers an 18-credit Minor in Architecture – Design available to any undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh. The Minor provides students with a substantial introduction to problem solving in the design disciplines. Students enrolled in the Swanson School majoring in civil and environmental engineering complete the minor to gain insight into how architects think about the built environment and the design process.